Bag of donated groceries is pictured

Since 2018, The LIGHT Foundation has donated over $200,000 to our communities. In 2023 alone, we donated nearly $75,000 to individuals and organizations in Lancaster, Kershaw, and Chesterfield counties.

These funds assisted multiple families in heating their homes, purchased 85 Thanksgiving meals for our “Giving from Our Hearts” initiative, provided financial relief to numerous individuals suffering from extreme medical complications such as cancer, stroke, and injuries due to vehicle accidents, assisted in the completion of a rehabilitation home for men dealing with substance abuse, and supported healthcare heroes throughout the year.

These are just a few examples of how The LIGHT Foundation is making a positive impact in Lancaster, Kershaw, and Chesterfield counties and we can’t wait to do more! Without your help, this just simply would not be possible.

For additional information on how to get involved, please peruse our website. To nominate someone in need, please contact us.